The Truth About Medicare

Before you can settle on ANY choices about Medicare you need to know and understand these critical facts about Medicare Advantage.


Medicare Advantage is network based.


Maybe the most critical thing you have to understand about Medicare Advantage programs is that they all rely on some type of network of providers. These networks come as either a HMO, PPO, or PFFS. There can be a few changes of these, however these are the most widely recognized. I will separate these networks to some degree 3 of this series.

2019 medicare advantage plan

Preferred standpoint designs are not made equivalent.


In spite of the fact that they are organized the same; Medicare Advantage designs can differ definitely from plan to design. This implies you should get your work done before going along with one of these plans. You should begin by identifying whether or not your providers are in network. The second greatest factor to consider which a great many people overlook is the Maximum Out-of-Pocket. Try not to become involved with looking at easily overlooked details like doctor’s co-pays unless the doctor’s office is your second home!


Mama designs gives a Maximum Out-of-Pocket.


Proceeding from the past point, the Maximum Out-of-Pocket is one of the greatest benefits of Medicare Advantage. On the off chance that you recall on my past article about Original Medicare; it doesn’t give you this insurance. For individuals that can not manage the cost of a Medicare supplement or simply need to spare some cash, the Maximum Out-of-Pocket highlight of Medicare Advantage designs offers awesome security.


Medicare Advantage is as yet a piece of Medicare.


I’m including this fact since I have discovered that numerous individuals trust that they lose their Medicare benefits when they join an Advantage design. In all actuality Medicare Advantage is really called Part C of Medicare. Indeed, it overrides your Part A and Part B benefits, however this is really something worth being thankful for you since it enables you to much of the time not to need to pay expansive deductibles and that 20%.


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I can’t reveal to you that one arrangement fits all. Sadly, since each arrangement is extraordinary, and your requirements are not quite the same as your neighbours; I can’t instruct you to go along with one specific arrangement. In any case, I can reveal to you that the absolute most prevalent plans are offered by Humana, United Healthcare, Wellcare, and Healthspring. Begin by putting forth these inquiries; How imperative is flexibility of decision with regards to your wellbeing providers? How essential is taken a toll? How healthy am I? When you answer those inquiries you can undoubtedly decide whether you need to be in an Advantage design or in Original Medicare with a medicare supplement.

Medicare Advantage plans or Part C Medicare, What is it

Medicare Advantage plans are prominent as Part C Medicare. They are issued by the private health insurance companies that are Medicare-approved to individuals enrolled in Part A and B Original Medicare. Joining Medicare Advantage plans indicates you are in the Medicare program and are expected to pay the premiums for Part B.


Medicare Advantage plans cover Part A Medicare that offer the cover for hospital insurance and Part B Medicare that offers the cover for medical insurance. Generally, additional benefits are offered such as hearing, dental, vision and some also include the coverage for prescription drug. These plans have networks and this means you must see the doctors and visit the hospitals to get care as per the plans network.


Medicare Advantage plans save you money potentially because the costs out-of-pocket in these plans may be lower in comparison to the Part A and B Original Medicare. Pricing varies with each plan provider and so certainly needs comparison of plans that are available in your area. The costs will vary as per the services you use and also with the plan type you buy. The charges for the costs that are spend beyond the pocket with Medicare Advantage plans are not the same. They also vary with each plan.  In fact, the set of rules are also different in availing the services such as requiring a referral to use doctors, suppliers or facilities or even to see a specialist.

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Plan options include:

  • Health Maintenance Organization and the HMO Pos that is the point of service
  • Preferred Provider Organization, Medical savings account and Special needs plans


You can join if:

  • You are residing in the plan service area.
  • You have Part A and B initial coverage of Medicare .
  • You are healthy without crucial ailment complaints and complications such as requiring dialysis or ESRD.


Points to Remember

Carefully choose your plans. On becoming eligible for enrolment and you do not get enrolled due to some valid reasons means you may enroll during the Special election period. Once a year only you can change plans during the annual election period and each year this is from 15 October to 7 December.


There is disenrollment period of MA plans from January 1 to February 14 and this is the time you can get enrolled in some new Advantage plans and disenroll from the existing plan or even get back to your Traditional Medicare.


Medigap at the service of all

Medigap was born some years ago in order to help those who need it most during pressing moments. When it came to light, several people saw it as a great help and did not hesitate to adhere to everything that the Medicare Supplements Plans were offering them. That is why it has been a great success, all due to the acceptance of the public.

As the years went by, private insurance companies began to see Medigap as an excellent opportunity which allowed them not only to have more income but also to have many more satisfied clients while working with one of the largest health programs in the world. all of America.

That’s why everyone now when they buy, whether it’s the original Medicare plan or they opt for Medicare Advantage, they go directly to a private institution to tell them about all the Medicare Supplements Plans that exist for them.

Little by little they go looking for what best suits them and understand that although it seems a common support for any insurance, it does much more than that. You see, the main function that Medigap has is to support the patient with the expenses that could not be covered by their initial insurance plan has been exhausted.

Going more deeply, when you go through some process of hospitalization because you are seriously ill, there are many medical expenses that must be covered and the person is sometimes unable to pay for them himself. That’s when medical insurance comes into play. But… What happens when this main policy ends?

The answer is simple: You go to Medigap and this Plan will take care of everything. Absolutely all the bills that have been left out will be covered in the blink of an eye by your Medicare Supplement Plan 2018 as long as your emergency meets all the necessary requirements for Medigap to cover it.

And this applies to all those who have a basic Medicare policy. Whether you have the original plan or Medicare Advantage, you can count on the service of these complementary plans since what is sought is to protect the entire American population.

Moreover, if you are retired or disabled you easily enter into the protection of the Medicare Supplement Plans as this is mainly intended to ensure that this population is healthy and protected as long as necessary.

In this way, it is also said that the Medicare Supplement Plans are in everyone’s service because they come with almost an automatic renewal. This means that when you are already reaching the expiration date of your policy, it will be renewed quickly and you will only have to update your data and also continue paying your monthly premiums.

Now that you know you will always have the support of Medigap and that its services are available 24 hours a day, what do you expect to acquire your own Medicare Supplement Plan that meets all your needs? It will be the best thing you could ever do.


Medigap and Medications

Medicare is one of the most comprehensive health programs that can exist anywhere in the world. In America, it has become a pioneering medical insurance which is able to support and protect all its users in a fast and effective way which has been evolving for the better with the passage of time.

This is why now we have not only the initial plans of Medicare as they were the Original plan and also Medicare Advantage but now there is Medigap that works as a complementary program of Medicare which has helped many people.

However, there is a complicated relationship between AARP Medicare Supplement  and medications as we remember that there is a part of Medicare that is responsible for covering prescribed medications.

To begin to clarify everything, you must first know that it is possible to have a Medigap policy which covers Prescription drugs. When you go to buy your Medicare Supplement Plan this is one of the main options that you are given so that you are more protected both yourself and your pocket when you have to buy medicines.

But you should know that if your Medigap policy covers prescription drugs you are choosing to immediately not enroll in the Medicare prescription drug plan. So keep in mind that if Medigap plan covers the prescriptions but you already have a prescription drug plan from Medicare, you must inform the private institution that is granting you the complementary policy so that it will adjust the fees.

Going further and explaining in a simpler way, when Medicare already protects you to cover the cost of medicines, Medigap cannot do it due to policies established within the structure. That’s why if at the time you get your Medicare Supplement Plan you see that it has prescription coverage, let the advisor know so he can eliminate this benefit so that your premiums are adjusted. So you will not have to pay more in terms of the monthly installments that are established.

However, if someone owns the Medigap plan with drug coverage, they can only join the Medicare drug plan between the dates of October 15 and December 7. Out of those dates, it may be a little difficult.

Even so, if you do not want to have anything to do with this medication coverage of Medigap because everything is very tangled, you do not have to despair. There are plans that do not bring this coverage and save you a lot of money and of course do not force you to sacrifice any other benefit that you have previously acquired.

Similarly, Medigap does offer coverage for medications and has been quite useful for those who have known how to use it wisely. So you can get it during the established time periods and also add new benefits that have come out at the time.

Since you know all the benefits that Medicare Supplements Plans have for you along with the insurance coverage, you are already clear about what you want in your health insurance.

What You Should Know Before taking Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare is a health insurance program mostly architecture for the elderly in the USA. There are certain exceptions, like younger people with disabilities or people in general that have certain diseases, like permanent kidney failure.

On the other hand, Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 policies are planned to cover things like copayments, coinsurance, deductibles and so on. These are sold by private companies and are divided into ten sections or types that are denoted from letter A to N. In case of those counting letters on their fingers, letters E, H, I and J are no longer sold. It is worth mentioning that not all companies sell all the types but at the very least they sell type A or any other standardized type.

Each type offers a different level of coverage but since they are standardized all companies must offer the same level of coverage in a given type. Furthermore, all noted type must cover a basic portion of coverage, where coinsurance costs up to 365 days after Medicare benefits are exhausted is included in type A. Other plans include additional coverage but beware as additional coverage means additional costs. Nothing in this world is free, and Medical care in USA is not likely to become soon.

The important thing to know is that every US citizen is required to have Medicare plan A or plan B, but as we already mentioned, these do not cover everything, so you might be interested in another type of Medical insurance plan and that is the AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, which is insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. Yes, that is again a private company and yes, you must pay for it, but it includes a lot more than say Medicare plan A or B.

Now, let’s say you want to be able to go to a hospital and you want to have a possibility to call a doctor for a house visit when you are unable to walk, but you do not need any drugs. Then you can get a Medicare advantage plan which covers everything that is covered in the type A plus some needed benefits of type B, like house visits, outpatient care and preventive services. Some of these Advantage plans also include a fitness program or a wellness service which might come in handy when those old bones start to go clickety clang.

Lastly, we will cover the usage of drugs, not illegal ones. The legal ones but just as deadly. What if you need access to drugs, if you have a disease that many people do at an old age that requires the usage of drugs. With UnitedHealthcare you do not need more lettered plans. Just one with many letters. The Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan or shorter MAPD, offers A and B coverage plus the drugs coverage in one plan. Well isn’t that handy!

All you need to do is to make your research before choosing the right plan for your health coverage.

Why Medicare Supplement Plan is the Best For You

When you have Medicare complement (Madigap) coverage, you will be questioning in case you ought to bear in mind converting plans. In case you are glad with your cutting-edge Madigap plan, a very good alternative is commonly to stay with your plan for as long as the insurance and insurance employer hold to meet your needs. In enormous, you could now not have a appropriate beneath central regulation to exchange Medigap guidelines, until you are within your 6-month open enrollment length or have a assured issue right as mentioned above. That does not always suggest you cannot switch your coverage: in case your kingdom has extra beneficent policies, or the coverage company is willing to sell you a Medigap policy, you may be capable of alternate guidelines.

Now which you understand greater approximately changing Medicare complement plans, you will be wondering approximately your cutting-edge insurance. On the other hand, perhaps you do not have a Medigap coverage and would love one. Either manner, I would like that will help you discern out the best path of motion.

You usually pay a month-to-month top class for Medicare component B (medical health insurance), so some folks that nonetheless have worker insurance choose to postpone enrolling in element B until they now not have worker coverage. However, employers with fewer than 20 employees can also require you to take part B when you switch sixty-five. Talk together with your employee health plan representative to find out how your plan works with Medicare.

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You can be rest assured that your future is secured when you have a good coverage that is bought at an affordable rate in the United States of America.

If you are someone above the age of 65 or have a medical condition, you are probably aware of what an ‘Original Medicare’ (Part A and B) means and promises. While Part A provides hospital insurance, and Part B (medical insurance) covers doctor visits along with some screenings, vaccinations etc. Many unplanned expenditures often occur in the form of additional prescribed diagnosis that may be needed for an ailment. This may include prescribed X-rays, blood tests etc., that are not covered under ‘Original Medicare’ (Part A and B).While Original Medicare covers a patient for almost all of the expenses pertaining to health-care along with the necessary medication and supplies; it is exclusive of certain other surplus expenses, which are often not included. At such times, Medicare Supplemental Plans are the best option to ensure least out of pocket expenditure.

Medicare Supplement plan is an individual plan and is not extendable to spouse and children. It may not cover specific medical procedures like routine vision and dental examinations and treatments, patient care etc.

To explore the best of Medigap plans in the United States, you should be able to look out wide. There are numerous insurance companies and they are different packages that you can take advantage. Gone are the days we have to rely only on what people tell us about health coverage. The advent of the internet has made it easier for us to browse through some of the best health coverage in the country.  The doctors are also available to ensure you get the best Medigap plan.

Plan M or N?

The news is skimming around on the internet, that there will be bring down premiums for Medicare supplement designs M and N?


For those of you that don’t understand what Medicare supplementary plans are, they are intended to complete the gap between the policy coverage of the original Medicare and the real bill, when it lands via the post office later. This “gapping” wound up noticeably vital when it was found that the original Medicare plan didn’t pay for each crucial medicinal service, and you were dealing with a medical disaster.


If you stop to consider that explanation, it will bode well to discover that there is more than one “gap” between the original plan and your bill. So as to take care of that gap, you do need Medicare in any case, and afterward supplement it with different plans to fill the gaps. This similarity is somewhat similar to filling teeth in that the dental practitioner takes the current original tooth and fills in the gaps with supplemental material to make it entire once more.


Notice the utilization of the expression “gap” and it will not shock anyone that the plans to fill in the original Medicare are referred to as Medigap policies.  Many companies will be offering Medicare supplement plans for 2019. While the plans themselves are standardized, which means they are the same in each express, the prices have a tendency to be different relying upon what the insurance organization wishes to charge for them.


In spite of the way that Medigap arrangements are controlled by private medical coverage companies, despite everything they should have normal guidelines to be taken after with regards to really offering the Medigap approaches. Most importantly is there are just 12 standard strategies running from design A to L. Each of their strategies has its own particular arrangement of benefits also.


What is frequently not comprehended by numerous individuals is that the greater part of the Medigap plans give customers the fundamental benefits of plans An and B, and notwithstanding the essential benefits, they likewise have their own points of interest.


The 12 designs (A-L) have been around since 1992, however now there were two “new” plans introduced in June 2010, plans M and N. The primary benefit of these two plan is that they give reduced premium rates as an alternate option to the current Medicare Supplement plans. Everything is clear about what plans M and N offer, it is known that they offer much lower premiums.


With any adjustment in Medicare or Medicare supplements, ensure you set aside the opportunity to read every policy you choose to purchase so you “know” just exactly what health coverage you really have.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

According to the experts, Original Medicare is considered to be a safety net. However, it is found not to pay 100% charges that are incurred for all covered services. Besides this, coverage for other types of services like routine dental, vision and hearing is not provided by Medicare. Hence, cost sharing offered by Original Medicare includes co-insurance, co-pays and hospital deductibles for outpatient services. It is stated by majority of Medicare beneficiaries that they will not be able to pay the remaining 20% not covered by Medicare. It is the outpatient co-insurance that they are referring to.

What is offered by Part C Medicare?

  • Drug coverage Part D included with Plan C, resulting in cost savings.
  • Co-pays for covered services like testing, emergency room visits and doctor’s visits.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans does include Medicare rejected additional services coverage like vision, dental, hearing and health club memberships.
  • People having special needs can find Advantage plans to be more focused upon individual needs.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans also offer beneficiaries with maximum out of pocket annual coverage. The cost sharing amount with Medicare does not get capped annually. But with Advantage plan, if the person reaches specific threshold, then costs for covered services will be borne 100%.

Supplement insurance policies are being offered for more than four decades. Premium is received by the insurance provider against filling up the gaps left by Original Medicare.

Reasons for supplement not being feasible

Not every individual will be able to qualify for Medicare Supplement. Hence, Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 can be the right solution. Supplement is not found feasible for the following reasons:

  • Expensive premiums
  • Beneficiary being dual eligible, which is to qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare, hence, not qualifying for supplement.
  • Guarantee enrollment period missed out by beneficiary for supplement and medically not qualifying because of policy underwriting requirements.

Employer group insurance vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

There are many who are eligible for Medicare and can maintain coverage, while being employed or through former employer. It is a benefit for having insurance against years of service with the organization. Those who are coverage eligible are likely to opt out to select Part C.  The reasons are as follows:

  • Expensive premiums for employer plan
  • Co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles costly than Advantage plans
  • Employer plan not covering comprehensive like Advantage plan
  • Employer plan restrictive in network as well as not meeting requirements of retiree requiring more flexibility.
  • Beneficiary uncertain about duration of the availability of plan benefit because of employer volatility and eager to get some certainty.

The choice to select a plan is entirely that of the individual, which needs to be wise and smart.

Medicare Supplement Plan F – Making the Right Choice!

According to a recent study, The Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans have become extremely famous. Though these plans are expensive, folks are prepared to pay a bigger price for more coverage. Medigap Insurance Plan F is chosen by 66% of Americans. This makes Plan F one of the most popular and wanted policies in the market.

As mentioned previously, Plan F is considerably expensive. And, there are serious discussions on whether choosing Plan F is wise or not.

In general, insurers choose Medigap Plan F in 2019 because it covers many critical things. If you are able to spend few more dollars, you don’t need to worry about your health!

Pay Now, Save Later!

The Executive Director of American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance believes that people who turn 65 know when and how to save money. They claim that elderly people prefer Medicare Supplement Plan F over traditional insurance. That is because Plan F takes care of all necessary medical expenses.

How to Choose Plan F?

If you are considering Medigap Plan F, there are few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, you must understand what Plan F offers. According to, elders are likely to save a million on their healthcare bills. If you are affected by a serious health condition, you need Plan F. Without a Medigap health insurance plan, you will end up spending lots of money.

Next, you should shop for an affordable price. The premiums will differ from one state to another. Though the Medigap plans are standardized, the insurance service providers assign a price. That is why prices differ drastically between states and insurance companies. Use your Zip code to find the prices for Medigap Plan F. Then, get in touch with the company and understand their deal. Some insurance companies offer lucrative discounts and long-term rewards.

Three, talk to existing customers. Customers with real-life experiences can teach you many things. They will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the plan. If they faced an issue with the Medicare Supplement Plans, learn why and how they resolved the problem.

The Right Plan

Medicare Supplement Plan F comes in two versions. You can choose from the standard and high-deductible policy. As suggested by its name, the high deductible plan costs 50 USD lessor than the standard option. The high deductible plan is meant for healthy individuals.