Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

According to the experts, Original Medicare is considered to be a safety net. However, it is found not to pay 100% charges that are incurred for all covered services. Besides this, coverage for other types of services like routine dental, vision and hearing is not provided by Medicare. Hence, cost sharing offered by Original Medicare includes co-insurance, co-pays and hospital deductibles for outpatient services. It is stated by majority of Medicare beneficiaries that they will not be able to pay the remaining 20% not covered by Medicare. It is the outpatient co-insurance that they are referring to.

What is offered by Part C Medicare?

  • Drug coverage Part D included with Plan C, resulting in cost savings.
  • Co-pays for covered services like testing, emergency room visits and doctor’s visits.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans does include Medicare rejected additional services coverage like vision, dental, hearing and health club memberships.
  • People having special needs can find Advantage plans to be more focused upon individual needs.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans also offer beneficiaries with maximum out of pocket annual coverage. The cost sharing amount with Medicare does not get capped annually. But with Advantage plan, if the person reaches specific threshold, then costs for covered services will be borne 100%.

Supplement insurance policies are being offered for more than four decades. Premium is received by the insurance provider against filling up the gaps left by Original Medicare.

Reasons for supplement not being feasible

Not every individual will be able to qualify for Medicare Supplement. Hence, Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 can be the right solution. Supplement is not found feasible for the following reasons:

  • Expensive premiums
  • Beneficiary being dual eligible, which is to qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare, hence, not qualifying for supplement.
  • Guarantee enrollment period missed out by beneficiary for supplement and medically not qualifying because of policy underwriting requirements.

Employer group insurance vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

There are many who are eligible for Medicare and can maintain coverage, while being employed or through former employer. It is a benefit for having insurance against years of service with the organization. Those who are coverage eligible are likely to opt out to select Part C.  The reasons are as follows:

  • Expensive premiums for employer plan
  • Co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles costly than Advantage plans
  • Employer plan not covering comprehensive like Advantage plan
  • Employer plan restrictive in network as well as not meeting requirements of retiree requiring more flexibility.
  • Beneficiary uncertain about duration of the availability of plan benefit because of employer volatility and eager to get some certainty.

The choice to select a plan is entirely that of the individual, which needs to be wise and smart.

Medicare Supplement Plan F – Making the Right Choice!

According to a recent study, The Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans have become extremely famous. Though these plans are expensive, folks are prepared to pay a bigger price for more coverage. Medigap Insurance Plan F is chosen by 66% of Americans. This makes Plan F one of the most popular and wanted policies in the market.

As mentioned previously, Plan F is considerably expensive. And, there are serious discussions on whether choosing Plan F is wise or not.

In general, insurers choose Medigap Plan F in 2019 because it covers many critical things. If you are able to spend few more dollars, you don’t need to worry about your health!

Pay Now, Save Later!

The Executive Director of American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance believes that people who turn 65 know when and how to save money. They claim that elderly people prefer Medicare Supplement Plan F over traditional insurance. That is because Plan F takes care of all necessary medical expenses.

How to Choose Plan F?

If you are considering Medigap Plan F, there are few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, you must understand what Plan F offers. According to senior65.com, elders are likely to save a million on their healthcare bills. If you are affected by a serious health condition, you need Plan F. Without a Medigap health insurance plan, you will end up spending lots of money.

Next, you should shop for an affordable price. The premiums will differ from one state to another. Though the Medigap plans are standardized, the insurance service providers assign a price. That is why prices differ drastically between states and insurance companies. Use your Zip code to find the prices for Medigap Plan F. Then, get in touch with the company and understand their deal. Some insurance companies offer lucrative discounts and long-term rewards.

Three, talk to existing customers. Customers with real-life experiences can teach you many things. They will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the plan. If they faced an issue with the Medicare Supplement Plans, learn why and how they resolved the problem.

The Right Plan

Medicare Supplement Plan F comes in two versions. You can choose from the standard and high-deductible policy. As suggested by its name, the high deductible plan costs 50 USD lessor than the standard option. The high deductible plan is meant for healthy individuals.